Commercial Roofing Inspection & Survey -- Chicago, IL. & Suburbs

“Protect Your Commercial & Industrial Roofing Investment”

C&R Commercial Roofing, Inc. has been providing commercial & industrial roof inspection services since 1988.  A property inspector usually performs a commercial roof inspection. These assessments are performed to examine the condition of the facility and that everything is up to building codes before a real estate purchase, a lease agreement is signed, if there is a legal issue or if the owner is getting the building insured. In the case of a property inspector, the entire facility is being inspected which includes the roof.

These inspections are usually brief and mostly include a visual inspection. They collect information such as:
--Fire Safety Inspections
--Lead-Based Paint Inspections
--Wood-Destroying Organism Inspections
--Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
--Asbestos Inspections
--Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments
--Radon Inspections
--Roof condition and remaining useful life
--Building envelope

Commercial Roof Survey -- Chicagoland Area

A commercial roof survey is usually performed by a roofing contractor or other roofing professional. These assessments are conducted to examine the condition and quality of the roof membrane, insulation and original structure before a roofing project.  These surveys are in depth, and the contractor will perform not only a visual inspection but they will take core samples and facility measurements as well.

Collect Information Such As:
--Deck, Insulation, Membrane Condition
--Base Flashing Condition
--Metal Edge Condition
--Wall Coping Condition
--Drains, Gutter Condition
--Wall Surfaces Condition
--Roof Slope
--Drainage Method and Standing Water

In the interests of your roof’s long-term endurance, we establish a regular inspection and roof maintenance program that includes assessments of structural condition, core sample gathering, photographs and detailed documentation.

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